Hesperian Health Guides


補充內容: Aryn Faur, Todd Jailer, Jane Maxwell, Susan McCallister, Julia Nakad, Cynthia Peters, and Janey Skinner

編輯: Cynthia Peters and Todd Jailer

設計與製作: Kathleen Tandy

藝術協調專員: Jane Maxwell with Kathleen Tandy

現場試驗與聯絡溝通: Jane Maxwell

編輯督導: Sarah Shannon

HAW fm 1.png
1. Uganda: Heidi Brady
2. India: White Ribbon Alliance
3. Bolivia: Øystein Bryhni-Sassebo, Norsk Folkehjelp/Norwegian People’s Aid
HAW fm 2.png
4. Kenya: Rehma Ta Allah Community Development Group
5. Cambodia: Stéphane Janin, courtesy of Photoshare

校對: Sunah Cherwin

封面設計: Kathleen Tandy

插圖: We gratefully acknowledge the artists who have so gracefully illustrated this book: Namrata Bali, Sara Boore, Heidi Broner, May Florence Cadiente, Barbara Carter, Elizabeth Clark-Sutton, Andrew Crane, Regina Doyle, Sandy Frank, Jesse Hamm, Haris Ichwan, Anna Kallis, Joyce Knezevitch, Jipé Le-Bars, Susan McCallister, Lori Nadaskay, Gabriela Nuñez, Am Reaksmel, Sara Reilly-Baldeschwieler, Petra Rohr-Röuendaal, Lucy Sargeant, Mona Sfeir, Sofia Smith Hale, Chengyu Song, Kathleen Tandy, Arunadha Thakur, Dorj Tsedevdamba, Josefa Uluinaceva, Panapasa Belena Vesikula, Leah Wong, and Mary Ann Zapalac.

International HIV/AIDS Alliance from Keep the best, change the rest: Participatory tools for working with communities on gender and sexuality; Practical Action Publishing from Where There Is No Artist: Development drawings and how to use them; South African AIDS Training Programme from Basic AIDS Counselling Guidelines; South Pacific Community Nutrition Training Project, Fiji, from Developing Community Nutrition Programmes; Stepping Stones from Pacific Regional HIV/ AIDS Project; UNDP Cambodia and the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo from Talking About Domestic Violence: A Handbook for Village Facilitators.

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